VIPLE Programming Lesson Series

This lesson series is designed for teachers to introduce beginning programming concepts to their middle school students, but can also be used by students who want to learn programming on their own.

This series was created by Emily Belt as an Barrett honors thesis in 2020.

Lesson 1

The first lesson teaches what programming is, why you should learn to program, and how to write your first "Hello World" program.

Lesson 1 PDF

Lesson 1 Video

Lesson 2

The second lesson teaches data types, variables, and if-statements.

Lesson 2 PDF

Lesson 2 Video

Lesson 3

The third lesson teaches logical operators and while loops.

Lesson 3 PDF

Lesson 3 Video

Lesson 4

The fourth lesson teaches algorthims using a maze solving simulator.

Lesson 4 PDF

Lesson 4 Video

Lesson 5

The final lesson brings all of the concepts together, to code a maze solving robot.

Lesson 5 PDF

Accompanying programs

The practice programs for each of the lessons can be found in the following google drive link.

Practice Programs